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Wanted: Student Volunteers to Tutor Online

Volunteer Tutors Bridge Academic Gaps

Academic learning gaps are another symptom of COVID-19, with online volunteer tutors seen as one remedy. But, just how bad is the problem?

A December 2020 study shows that students have nine to twelve months of learning loss. Academic success is critical to the future of all students and all communities. Unfortunately, remote learning is causing already-struggling students to fall farther behind. That’s why one-on-one tutoring is needed more than ever. Dedicated student volunteers have the right talents to help teachers close the learning gaps. Plus, high school and college students can go beyond helping students meet learning targets. They can assure young learners by relating to their feelings of isolation and frustration.

Students Can Rise Up as Tutors, and Leaders

Leadership is about doing the most you can with the situation that’s in front of you. High school and college students have trained most of their lives for the day when they can use what they know to make a positive impact. That day is here along with the chance to make sure GenerationZ not only survives, but emerges stronger. Students learn from each other. Time and individual attention are what students need to become recharged and feel hopeful again.

Our Best List of Online Volunteer Tutoring Opportunities

Only a few organizations offered free online tutoring when schools first closed. In 2020, many free tutoring programs moved online. Plus, new tutoring services launched, many lead by student founders, giving aspiring tutors more opportunities to teach and mentor others. VolunteerCrowd lists some of the top nonprofit virtual tutoring organizations. This is just a start. Discover even more here by selecting ‘education’ as a cause and ‘virtual volunteering’ as the type of service project.

High School Seniors and College Volunteers Tutor Grades 3-12

This organization seeks flexible students who can help students at different stages of learning. College and high school senior volunteers will tutor students in grades 3-12. Volunteers support students who cannot be in the classroom because of school closures. As a tutor, you will guide students in math or English language arts. Help enrich the minds of scholars so they feel successful and confident in their education careers.

Teen Virtual Math Tutor

Virtual math tutors connect with low-income high school students in the US with live, volunteers to provide math tutoring any time they need it. If you’re a high school or college student with a desire to help others and an internet connection, consider becoming an online tutor. In AP or IB classes? This would be a great opportunity for you to share you knowledge with those who need your help. This free tutoring organization is designed to be ultra flexible so you can volunteer based on your schedule. Also, you don’t need to be a math prodigy or math major to help students. The organization’s review materials are designed to help coaches remember all the formulas and concepts they need to tutor a student in a given math subject.

High School Volunteer English Homework Online Tutor

Oakland’s grammar and middle school students need help with their English homework. Volunteers will be working via Zoom with English Language Learners (ELL). Online tutoring is an excellent chance for students pursuing a career in education. Students enrolled in AP English Language and Composition or IB English can complete their service requirements by volunteering. ELL students need on-going support to stay motivated and keep their confidence levels high.

Bilingual Virtual Volunteer Tutor Needed, 18+

Virtual student tutors meet with students to assist them with their educational goals and challenges. Tutors work with students from middle school to college level. The organization matches volunteers with students based on backgrounds and skills. Bilingual? Students who are fluent in Spanish, French, or Tigrinya are in high demand.

High School Online Tutor For Younger Students

Online tutors can help economically disadvantaged students in the U.S overcome learning barriers. Volunteers help elementary and middle school students with core classes like math, English, history, and science. High schoolers in the National Honor Society who need volunteer tutoring hours can sign up. Additionally, teens who love working with younger kids and watching their eyes light up when they ‘get it’ are encouraged to apply. Bring your skills, hop on Zoom, and give discouraged students new hope.

College Volunteer Tutors for Homeless Children

College student volunteers needed to teach and mentor children experiencing homelessness. Education is key to breaking the cycle of homelessness. Your goal is to shrink the gaps in our students’ learning and provide them with the highest level of education possible. Tutoring serves as a consistent support system for our students during a time of great stress and fear. All tutoring sessions are currently virtual; therefore, reliable internet and video/audio chat are required.

Teen Students Help with Homework

Teen volunteers tutor younger students in programs, gain work experience, and service the community. This organization can support a few volunteers of high school age each semester. High school students taking AP or IB classes should apply to help assist with tutoring. This is a great chance to use and gain leadership skills.

High School Student Virtual Tutoring Internationally

High school students get to educate people from all over the world – including China, Brazil, Morocco, and Kenya. If you are pursuing a career in education, this is definitely the time of you to gain some hands-on experience. Volunteers will be paired with an adult with limited English knowledge. This is also a great opportunity for students taking AP English Language and Composition or IB English.

2021: A Teacher Reflects on the Start of Remote Learning

Meagan Thomas, 3rd/4th grade math and science teacher

When receiving the news about my school closing indefinitely due to the Coronavirus pandemic, my mind immediately began to scramble. We had already been informed of the possibility of moving to distance learning, but it was all coming true so fast. We were still required to give our students grades, so I begin to ask myself thousands of questions. How can I effectively help all 50 of my third and fourth graders at one time? I need to be with them to help them through any misconceptions; how is this going to be possible? 

Online tutoring can definitely be essential to ensuring that lifelong learners do not fall behind during this time of separation. Free online tutoring is even better. I teach at a school where most students come from low income families, and they need services now more than ever. Online tutors provide an extra resource for the students who need more assistance to master certain standards.

Teachers are trying their best to ensure all students get the help they need, but distance learning is different from being able to assist a smaller group of students during class. You do not know how appreciative the learning community is to take advantage of free online tutoring services. I know I am extremely appreciative of the different tutoring organizations making their services available free of charge already. Your help will leave an everlasting mark on lives of scholars, teachers, and parents. Thank you in advance.

Student Volunteer Opportunities During Covid-19

Volunteering as a virtual tutor is one of many ways to help others during the Covid-19 crisis. See our related post, Volunteering in the Age of Cornavirus. Looking for more inspiration? Learn how students helped restore communities after a turbulent summer in Volunteering Lifts All Communities. VolunteerCrowd reminds you to prioritize your health and safety when volunteering with our Volunteer Safety Tips for Covid 19 and Always.

VolunteerCrowd finds academic-related volunteer opportunities to inspire students and helps them build a verified service transcript to inspire colleges and employers. Visit VolunteerCrowd or download the app.

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