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Best STEM Volunteer Projects for Students

STEM Internships and Online Mentoring in High Demand

Every week, students, parents, and educators come to VolunteerCrowd seeking STEM volunteer projects. These requests say a lot about what students are learning in classrooms or in extracurricular programs. Forget generic inquiries about practice coding; students want to use their Python, JavaScript, AI, or IoT skills to make an impact.

How Volunteerships Pave the Way to College and Career

Classrooms are magical places for learning new concepts. Volunteering teaches students how STEM skills create new solutions or solve old problems. That’s why you see some of the most challenging classes include service projects. Want more proof? The College Board introduced AP with WE Service in 2016, and by 2017, 10,000 students participated. IB Diploma Candidates must complete a 50-hour service project. Colleges and employers are interested in students’ demonstrated skills. In this post VolunteerCrowd shares projects with students eager to show what they can do with what they know:

Teen Student Science Museum Volunteer

Our first featured project is excellent for new high school students. Museum docents (ages 14+) work with visitors in hands-on educational activities. Students help the science center provide a lively, fun, experience for everyone. Students interpret exhibit spaces and inspire visitors learn more. Science lovers have a larger-than-life laboratory and opportunity to gain some real-life experience. AP Chemistry, Physical or Biology students have many ideas and resources for their service projects.

Online Map Editor Student Volunteer

Next is a project designed for STEM college majors. Volunteers map editors use their own computers to help update data for the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Volunteers verify, update, or create structure points in an online mapping editor using aerial images and internet research. You will help the organization document several different structure features, including schools, hospitals, post offices, police stations, and other important public buildings. And when you volunteer, you’re actually considered a citizen scientist.

STEM Volunteer Internships for Students

This is a great entry-level internship for high school and college students who have STEM skills or are looking for STEM training. Projects are flexible. Even better, students train for simple or more in-depth STEM volunteer roles, including mentoring. Gain confidence and communication skills by helping younger students who would not have access to STEM training. Reinforce your own science, technology, engineering, or math knowledge. AP and IB computer science students – be sure to check out this opportunity for your service projects.

Teen Oceanography Program Volunteer

Next, take a deep-dive into studying and serving marine life. Teen volunteers serve as interpreters, exhibit experts, and inspire community members through hands-on marine and maritime education. Students are the heart and soul of each visitor experience. Are you enrolled in AP or IB Biology, or even better – Marine Biology? Serving this organization, located on the Southern California coastline, will give you an expanded view of ocean plant and animal life and the environmental impact on the ecosystem.

High School or College Cancer Research Intern

The next project takes real commitment. Students interested in careers in scientific research can join a three-year training initiative. You’ll participate in mentored summer research projects and advanced scientific curriculum during the academic year, plus year-round professional skills training. Students will acquire scientific knowledge and technical skills and increase their understanding of how to conduct biomedical research. This initiative is funded through an R25 grant from the National Cancer Institute.

High School STEM Volunteer Internship

This is one of our most accessible projects: High school students help different causes by donating their own computers’ idle time towards research projects. The organization uses the leftover resources of your computer to help fight cancer, diseases, and research technologies for a better tomorrow. Volunteers who participate play a role in helping Cancer, Disease, AIDS/HIV, and Genetics research as well as those working to advance the fields of Physics and the benefit of Third World Countries. If you are enrolled in AP Computer Science, use your computer time to research one of the causes above.

Invest in New STEM Skills

The more you learn, the more significant the impact you can make with science, technology, engineering, or math causes. Search VolunterCrowd’s project directory for additional STEM and education causes. Filter for AP or IB service projects or leadership roles. Sharpen your skills while supporting a STEM nonprofit. You can also train for new opportunities with programs in computingAI Robotics, or oceanography

Invest in New Soft Skills

Many STEM internships are competitive. Nonprofit organizations invest a lot in training and want to make sure students are committed. Learn how to prepare and make a positive impression for a future volunteer role. Next, make sure future college admissions offices and employers understand your contribution and skills you learned along the way. Be sure to track your hours and add your project to your college resume.

VolunteerCrowd finds academic-related volunteer opportunities to inspire students and helps them build a verified service transcript to inspire colleges and employers. Visit VolunteerCrowd or download the app.

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