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Best College Student Volunteer Internships

Are you a frustrated college student looking for medical, STEM, and virtual volunteer opportunities? VolunteerCrowd put together an all-inclusive list just for you. Embrace the spirit of volunteering and start making a difference in the lives of others. Don’t forget your impact is important not only to the organizations you serve. Make every hour you give to build a stronger community help you build a promising future. Deloitte published a 2016 Impact Study about the connection between leadership skills and volunteer experience.

College Student 18+ Vaccination Site Volunteer

Student volunteers, ages 18+, have the opportunity to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and make sure vaccination sites are run effectively. Although these volunteer positions are non-medical, future health professionals can gain experience on the logistics of running a facility during a pandemic. In addition, volunteers can participate in some of the following roles: greeters, runners, sanitization, wayfinding, and patient assistance. Pre-health students looking for a way to get involved during the pandemic would be great candidates for this project.

Student 18+ Volunteer Public Relations Manager

The Volunteer Public Relations Manager manages outside communications for this STEM-related organization. Only students age 18+ qualify. The manager will work with local journalists and writers to assist with publishing blogs, press releases, newspapers, and magazines. In addition, you will get the chance to work with marketing and the communications manager. This opportunity is a perfect way for gain experience, especially for students interested in public relations, marketing, or business.

Undergraduate Student Crisis Hotline Volunteer

Are you a college student volunteer seeking a career in pre-health? Volunteers provide crisis counseling and support for survivors and their significant others over the phone or online via web chat. Moreover, they also provide resources and referrals to callers. Join this organization’s cause — to care for those who need resources and encourage them to seek help. In addition, psychology majors will gain knowledge and experience from participating in this project.

College Student Volunteer Aquarium Guide

College student aquarium guide volunteers help visitors explore the marine scenes and exhibits. They also explain how the exhibits relate to this organization’s research. Are you a student majoring in marine biology or life science? This is the perfect chance to gain hands-on experience. Above all, you can take the knowledge you have learned in college and apply it during this volunteer project.

College Student Coding Volunteer

Love to code? Coding volunteers are key to helping expand the knowledge of young girls learning to code. Your passion for coding and STEM can encourage students to consider a career in STEM. College student volunteers taking computer science courses or those who just have a love for coding would be great leaders to those wanting to enhance their coding skills. Meanwhile, there’s also a chance to get involved in social media, events, and more.

Online Tutor – College Student Volunteer

College students get the opportunity to volunteer from the comfort of their homes or dorms. This is the perfect chance for those working toward a career in education or who love helping students to gain experience and get involved. Teachers need you now more than ever to ensure that students stay motivated and engaged in school. And if you can help inspire a student struggling during the pandemic, you are a natural!

College Volunteers Entertain Hospitalized Kids

Are you a pre-med college or high school student, 18+, eager to work with patients? Small groups of patients and medical volunteers meet by video conference to engage in play and activities. After all, kids need some fun in the hospital; they are still kids! Be their game buddy for a little while; they really need and deserve it.

College Students Phone the Elderly

College student volunteers call a senior on a regular basis — either daily or once or twice a week — to check in with them and have a brief conversation. Seniors have been isolated due to COVID-19 and they need to hear your voice to cheer them up and keep them entertained. All college students are perfect for this project, especially if you love seeing others smile and cheering them up!

Student Volunteers Lead a Supply Drive For Homeless

If you’re a student looking to give back while building leadership skills this volunteer opportunity is for you. Collect various items to donate to community neighbors in need. It’s always a good time to clean out your closet and donate clothes that you have barely worn or haven’t worn at all. Moreover, collect new items to donate as well. Your clothes will have a second life and give individuals or families in need something to enjoy.

College Student Volunteer for Seniors

College student volunteers play an essential role in nurturing the well being of older adults in Orange County. Volunteers are particularly needed throughout Central, North, and West Orange County. Volunteer activities include delivering meals, being a friendly visitor, engaging in activities at Adult Day Care centers, and more! The pandemic has caused a lot of seniors to become isolated, so a friend to help them in their time of need is all they need to get through.

Looking for more inspiration?

College students are helping in important ways and volunteering in health-related areas is one way to help others during the COVID-19 crisis. See our posts, Volunteering in the Age of Coronavirus and Wanted: Student Volunteers to Tutor Online. You can also learn how students helped restore communities after a chaotic summer in Volunteering Lifts All Communities. As usual, VolunteerCrowd reminds you to prioritize your health and safety when volunteering with our Volunteer Safety Tips for COVID-19 and Always.

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